10+ Websites Like Grammarly – [Best Grammarly Alternative]

Are you a student? Are you an online worker who wants to write English with fewer Grammar mistakes? I assume that you’ve already tried Grammarly tool. If you’re looking for websites like Grammarly, this post is for you!

Grammarly is the topmost grammar lookup tool you can find online. You can use the free account from Grammarly. If you like this tool, you can subscribe to their premium account for getting many features.

Websites like Grammarly

For school & college students, writing perfect English helps them to score good marks. If you can write English well, you can also speak.

You might have tried learning tenses to improve your English. While proofreading your passage, you might find some grammatical errors.

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Grammar checker tools can help you to highlight errors while writing. This makes life easier for writers. There are many grammar checker tools available online for free and paid.

Grammarly tool is very popular because of its service and promotion. If you’re not a fan of Grammarly, you should check out the free Grammarly alternative to make use of it.

10+ Websites Like Grammarly


ProWritingAid has free Chrome addon which makes it easy for you to find grammar mistakes. It has a free trial pack which can be integrated with major web browsers, MS Outlook, Word, and Docs.

ProWritingAid comes with four types of plans such as annual, 24 months, 36 months and lifetime.

It has a software version which supports Windows and Mac OS. If you ask me, I will say that it’s the best Grammarly alternative for Mac.


1Checker is developed for non-English speakers. People who have learned Engish as their second language can use this tool. This program can help to identify common mistakes made by them. It is better than MS Word’s built-in spell checker and Grammarly.

1Checkr supports English and Chinese languages. Its co-founder is Yichi Zhang, who had difficulty in proofreading the English language. He had a deal with other Chinese students from Cambridge to develop this software.

1Checker is free to use once you register for a login. It has an online tool which can be accessed from any web browsers. 1Checker also provides portable version software for Windows and Mac. It also has plugin support for MS Word and Outlook.


Grammar Checker is an online tool which supports 28 languages. You’ll see a text editor on the home page. You can either type or paste a document. After that, use the “Check Test” button to find grammar errors.

Incorrect words will be highlighted in a dark pink color. Once you tap on the highlighted text, you’ll be asked to choose the correct word from the suggestions.

Grammar Checker software is always free which doesn’t need software installation. You don’t need to signup to use this software. Open the website and start to use it immediately for free.


Crio is a grammar checker extension tool for Chrome browser. This tool is trusted by Stanford University, Harvard University and more. The other name for Crio tool is “Sapling Writing Assistant”.

Crio offers a basic free plan and a premium plan for the users. For students, the free plan is enough for them to use this tool.

After installing the extension, open and paste your text to check grammar. No signup & installation of software is required.


Virtual Writing Tutor is a simple and effective online grammar checker tool. Non-registered members are allowed to check 500 words per session. Registered members can check 3000 words per session. The interesting thing is that registration is free.

You can type, paste or speak to fill out the text editor. Make sure that you should turn on the microphone to enable speech to text feature.

Below the editor, you can find various options. Some of them are grammar checker, spell checker, word counter and much more. A free tool which performs many functions is the beauty of Virtual Writing Tutor.


Reverso is another web grammar checker tool. On their website, you can check 600 words maximum per session as a sample. To get unlimited words to check, you must install their Chrome extension.

After installing the extension, you need to sign up via E-mail or Facebook. Reverso also offers its service via apps for Android and iOS.

The free extension does come with a limitation. Premium members can unlock features like offline use, and personalized vocabulary lists.

Ginger Software

Ginger Software is another best websites like Grammarly which offer the same features. It offers extension for Chrome and Safari browsers. You can also download their portable software for Windows and Mac computers.

Surprisingly, Ginger Software has apps for Android and iOS devices too. For iOS, they offer a grammar checker app. For Android, they offer Ginger software keyboard to write perfect English.

You can upgrade to the premium version to unlock various features. Often, they provide discounts if you go for a premium subscription.


WhiteSmoke checks for grammar error, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. It also works as a translator. WhiteSmoke supports your desktop computer, mobile devices, and web browsers.

One more important feature in WhiteSmoke is that it can check for plagiarism. If you would like to scan a document for duplicates, you can use this tool.

WhiteSmoke provides only pricing plans. To use their services, you need to buy a premium plan.


PaperRater offers various features like WhiteSmoke. Some of the features are grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and automated scoring. While pasting your text in PaperRater, you’ll get a score for your passage. It will help you to analyze your content before publishing.

PaperRater provides a free plan as well as the premium plan. In the premium plan, you’ll get the features like file upload, processing speed, ad-free and more.

It’s a web version tool which doesn’t need registration and downloads.


Many grammar checker tools support only English language. But OnlineCorrection supports 8 languages. It provides high accuracy for checking the grammar.

It’s another web-based tool that doesn’t need software installation and registration. You’ve to paste your content and scan for any errors. It will highlight the severity of issues in different colors. This tool is free to use which grabs the attention of the users.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor was introduced to increase the readability of the online content. By fixing the grammar error, writing style, one can easily get a good score.

It measures the readability score on a scale of 1 to 10. From my experience, if you get a score of above 6, it would be good. Hemingway app will highlight errors in various colors. Once you fix the issues, you can see the rise in readability score.

You can use this tool to proofread your document and essays. It also works as a word counter tool.


These grammar checker tools are a must for anyone who wants to write error-free content. It may help you to polish your writing skill and improves confidence in writing. There are still more sites like Grammarly you can find online.

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